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Attention everyone...... 

Just found out about this bill in the NH legislature. It has already passed the House and is in the Senate.  It apparently passed the house by a voice vote. The full text of the bill is below. Really simple as it says dredging is banned. I know this is not metal detecting proper but we are all in this together. Many people are involved in both hobbies. So lets act quickly to try to put the brakes on this one.

Also there are 2 cities that have recently banned detecting. We are working with them on a local level right now.

Here s a link to the NH senate committee where the bill is at right now.

Here is the senate contact page.

If you live in NH then please contact your senator. If you do not then please contact the committee and any senators and let them know about your vacation plans.

Mark Schuessler

FMDAC National President


Archeological Statement Breaking News

To all FMDAC members and follow hobbyists: 

Please take some time and check out this link. Then comment on it. Read it over carefully and make some well thought comments. 

This appears to be a major step in the right direction for all. It remains to be seen what will come of it but if they are genuine then it could mean a big step in mutual co-operation. It appears that the academic world may be realizing that we are not going away and the only way they will enlist our aid is by showing some respect in our direction.

Take the time to comment, even if only to say you like the direction it is taking and thank you. Lets show them that we are here, we are watching and are willing to take an active roll. 

Mark Schuessler 

FMDAC President