FMDAC Membership Application

All Information contained herein is private and confidental use of the FMDAC and members and shall not be distributed or used for personal or public profit or gain. 

FMDAC Club dues are annual and due by January 1st each year.  Dues are $5.00 per member (16 years and older).  Youth Membership is free and opened to anyone 15 years and younger.  Please include Youth memberships on the same application with the paid members.  Membership Cards will be sent to the person named as your contact person on the roster, unless you note otherwise. Your club must have a minimum of 5 individuals. 

Carefully fill out all parts of this application.  Mail Check or Money Order for Dues (paid to the order of FMDAC) to the Treasurer: 

Sue Race
FMDAC Membership 
897 E Resort Lane
Kuna, ID 83634

The membership and officers forms are not yet online.   You MUST ALSO fill out the officer and members forms and send those into the FMDAC Membership committe.  These forms can be found on the How to Join page.   Please let them know you filled out the membership application online.