Alabama State Regulation

Is Metal Detecting allowed in Alabama state parks:   YES - must have permission from the Park Manager. 

Excerpt from the Alabama State parks page: For a complete list of regulations click HERE:  

8. Prohibited Devices (220-5-.08)

(1) It shall be unlawful for any person other than a duly authorized law enforcement officer to carry into any State Park any form of firearm without written permission of the manager or custodian in charge of the State Park visited. No person shalI discharge or set off on or within a State Park any firecrackers torpedoes, rockets, cap pistols, or other fireworks.

(2) No person shall operate or use any audio device, including radio, television, musical instruments, or any other noise producing devices, such as electrical generators, and equipment driven by motor engines, in such a manner and at such times so as to disturb other persons.

(3) No person shall operate or use any public address system whether fixed, portable, or vehicle mounted except when such use or operation has been approved by the Park Manager.

(4) It shall be unlawful for any person to use any metal detection device in any State Park for the purpose of finding and removing, from said park, any items that are not his/her personal possessions without permission from the Park Manager.

FMDAC Disclaimer:  FMDAC assumes no responsibility for any person who knowingly or accidentally violates any state park regulation. Although FMDAC will try to keep this information current we cannot anticipate how each regulation will be interpreted by a specific park department, park employee or other government employee. It is the sole responsibility of each individual to know and obey the regulations of the park or area they are visiting and or metal detecting.