How to Join

Click on the links below to complete the FMDAC Registration form.  

Individuals joinees: Please complete the Individual Registration form. 

Club officers: Please complete the club forms (club must have a minimum of 5 members to be considered an FMDAC club).  

Metal Detecting Dealers:  Please complete the Dealer Registration form to be registered with the FMDAC. 

To all new members and those renewing please read: 

Please fill out forms in thier entierty!  We are receiving applications without email address or phone numbers.  This makes it difficult to efficiently contact the membership.  We would prefer to have email addresses for all members, but we need email and phone for at least the President and Contact person.    If we do not receive any email addresses for club member - the contact person is responsible for forwarding information they receive from FMDAC to thier members!  Please provide website so we can post a link to your clubs web address!

The information is confidential.  It will not be sold nor given out to anyone outside of the FMDAC board.  

Thank you for your support!

Click HERE to fill out your application online OR Click HERE to download Individual Registration. 

FMDAC Club Registration:  Note: Club memberships must be 5 people minimum.
Click HERE to fill out your application online OR Click HERE
 to download the Club Registration form.

FMDAC Club Membership Form 1 (Officers)

FMDAC Club Membership Form 2 (Members)